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Boat Smart Table Rock Lake:  Graphics

As a Boat Smart Table Rock Lake partner each month of the campaign (May - September) new graphics will be available for public use.  These graphics are intended for your social media use.  Let's fill our social channels with useful information to help our Table Rock Lake visitors #BoatSmart

Your Digital Toolkit

    • Boat Smart Publication Flip Book:
    • Please include #visittablerocklake #boatsmarttablerocklake #safeboating in your posts.
    • Feel free to use your own graphics or the ones provided below.

To use a graphic, double-click the image.  When it opens, right-click on the image and choose "save as" to save to your computer.



 In addition to these posts, ask your social media followers to post pictures of themselves being “Boat Smart” on Table Rock Lake.


Post 1: Boating Basics Rules of the Road

All boaters should know, and follow, the basic rules of boating when encountering another vessel on the water. Please review these basic rules and enjoy your time on the lake!
#visittablerocklake #boatsmarttablerocklake #safeboating


Post 2: Share Your Float Plan

A responsible captain always lets someone know where they are going, when they plan to return, and who will be on the boat with them. Be safe. Boat Smart!  #visittablerocklake #boatsmarttablerocklake #safeboating


Post 3: Did You Know: Archboard

The location on a boat’s stern on which its name is normally painted is called the archboard. We would love for you to share a picture of your archboard to our Facebook page! #visittablerocklake #boatsmarttablerocklake #safeboating

Post 4: Be A Great First Mate

The boat captain has a lot of responsibilities when preparing to leave the dock for a day of fun on the lake. Be a great first mate by following these simple suggestions! #visittablerocklake #boatsmarttablerocklake #tablerocklakeboatsnacks #safeboating






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