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Lake Splash

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Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022

5:30 p.m.

Lake Splash is an annual dinner event with a live and silent auction.  The event culminates with an awards program celebrating the people who make a difference in our area and honoring the past year’s business accomplishments. The highlight of the evening is the announcement of Community Service, Trailblazer, Business of the Year and Guardian Awards.

2022 Community Award Nominations Are Now Open

Award nominations will close at 5 p.m., September 15, 2022.

Community Service
The Community Service Award will be presented to an individual or an organization who, through unusual services and commitment, has improved one or more of the following characteristics of the community: quality of life, economy, educational opportunities, beauty, serenity and safety. Any person or organization is eligible to receive the award, except that award cannot be made to a member of the current Board of Directors or an employee of the chamber or an elected or appointed local, state, or governmental official.
Guardian Award
The Guardian Award recognizes a first responder (law enforcement, firefighter, paramedic/EMT or 911 dispatcher) and their fearless and unselfish service in helping keep our community safe.
The Trailblazer Award recognizes an individual that has forged the path for others in the Table Rock Lake area, has demonstrated invaluable leadership either in business or community development in the past (at least 10 years ago), and influenced the community in a positive manner.
Business of the Year
The Business of the Year is presented to a business in the Table Rock Lake area that has demonstrated outstanding customer service, a high-quality product or service, and a strong commitment to the community.

Past Community Award Recipients

2021 Honorees

Community Service  

2021       Maureen Darby

2020       Pam Burnett

2019       Boy's & Girl's Club of the Ozarks, Reeds Spring Unit

2018       Terri Tucker-Wiest

2017       Dee & Rick Uebel

2016       David Casaletto

2015       Jim Holt

2014       Gopala Borchelt

2013       Jim Elder

2012       Max & Dee Comeaux

2011       Jack King

2010       Randy Swanson

2009       Dale and Ruth Ann Schavey

2008       Dorothy Greenwald

2007       Skaggs Community Health Center

2006       Layne Morrill

2005       Dr. Debra Williams

2004       Mike Collins

2003       Ozark Lake Country Senior Center

2002       Betty Davis

2001       Bob Simmons

2000       Doad & Marilyn Childs


1999       Ken Ortman

1998       Dr M. Graham Clark

1997       Ralph Swanson

1996       Senator Emery Melton

1995       Jim Stetson

1994       Peggy Emerson

1993       George McNichols

1992       Jerry Jenkins

1991       Larry Price

1990       Earl King

1989       Hamilton Bros Auction

1988       Christian Associates

1988       Table Rock Lake Rotary

1987       None

1986       Richard Meyerkord

1985       W.K. Lewis

1984       Pat Dial

1983       Ray Smith

1982       Ray Smigla

1981       Dr. Avery

1980       Ken Runge


2021       Ryan Clement

2020       Brett Stump

2019       Terry Plumb

2018       Sgt. Shawn Fields



2021       Carrie Padilla

2020       Layne Morrill

2019       Ken Bowling

2018       Ralph Swanson

Business of the Year   

2021      Branson Bank Lending Center

2020       Vino Cellars on the Lake

2019       Tanco II Lumber Company

2018       Pizza By The Chef

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