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A Chamber Story

chamber story eric simkins

Eric Simkins' Chamber Story

Eric Simkins has owned and operated an American Family Insurance office for 14 years in Branson West, Missouri.  Growing up in this area, Eric came to understand early in his career the importance of the tourism industry to all businesses around the lake.

“Everyone on this side of the lake is affected by tourism, Eric said.”  “Plain and simple.  Without it we don’t have people to pay for groceries, to pay utilities, or to pay taxes for our school system.”

As a service provider, Eric understands how some business owners similar to himself might think tourism marketing only applies to resorts, attractions and services that visitors are using during their stay.

“You need to care because no matter what you’re selling or what you’re doing, part of your business is directly affected by the tourism here, said Eric.”  “No matter if you think it is… it is.”

Eric’s business also relies on new residents for his sustainability and growth year after year.

“The majority of my clients that retire here, vacationed here for years, Eric Said.  “If we don’t bring them here, they’re never going to retire here.  That’s another really important part of our economy… retirees.  But if they don’t come here in the first place, we just don’t have the people to continually relocate. Whether you’re a realtor, a pharmacist, the UPS store in town, everything lives and dies with people coming to the area. If people stop visiting here, our economy goes down.”


The Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce is the Destination Marketing Organization for Stone County.  Through a Missouri Division of Tourism matching funds grant we are able to access and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to market this area to visitors.  With the help of our marketing agency, Madden Media, we are able to see measurable results, which provides a benefit to all businesses.

Marketing Highlights:

  • Reaching over 2 million people with a message about Stone County/Table Rock Lake as a visitor
  • destination.
  • Bringing millions of dollars to our local economy through tourism advertising ($50 million in 2018).
  • These visitors pay sales tax, which pays for road, bridges and other city and county services.


If you want to be more involved, engaged and a community partner like Eric Simkins join the Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce.    Our Chamber partners give valuable insight, give their time for committees and provide additional financial support.  When businesses in Stone County work together great things happen!


If you’d like to join the Chamber’s efforts call us, 417-739-2564.

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