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We welcome anyone who is interested in building or remodeling in Stone County.  You will find building regulations, ordinances, and codes vary from city to city.  Below are links to assist you in navigating the process.

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Building Permits

A permit is generally required for remodeling projects that involve changes to the building's existing footprint, electrical system or plumbing. A permit is also required for any new builds.

If your project is located within a city's limits, you will need to review the codes and permits for that city in addition to Stone County's codes and permits.  Building codes will vary from city to city. Before beginning a build or remodeling project, refer to Stone County Planning & Zoning for questions and/or applications.

For Contractors, there is a copy of the Building Permit Packet along with all applications provided by the Planning and Zoning Department – Available in P & Z office 112 E. 5th Street, Galena, MO 65656

P & Z - Regulations & Comprehensive Plan Link

Stone County Residential Building Permit (Commercial, Residential, Mfg Home)

Stone County Preliminary Plat Checklist

Board of Adjustments Planning & Zoning Meeting Request Form


Stone County Planning & Zoning

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 301

Galena, MO 65656

Physical Address:

112 E. 5th Street

Galena, MO 65656


Phone: 417- 357-8402

Fax: 417-357-9227

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm

Water & Sewer
Road Access

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