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Black Oak Amp

Missouri’s premier outdoor concert venue.

Black Oak Amphitheater, located at 1728 State Hwy H in Lampe, Missouri, nestled in the scenic Ozark mountains, has a rich history that resonates with the echoes of music legends. Originally opened in 1983 as the Swiss Villa Amphitheater, this iconic venue has seen a multitude of changes and performances over the decades.

The Early Years

In its early years, the amphitheater quickly became a sought-after stop for major acts touring through the Midwest. The natural acoustics of the Ozark hills provided a unique and intimate concert experience that could accommodate up to 8,400 fans. From the mid-1980s to 1999, the venue hosted an array of big-name artists, including blues legend B.B. King and folk-rock icon Bob Dylan.

As the years passed, the amphitheater continued to attract a diverse range of genres, from rock to county, showcasing the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Def Leppard, Poison, and even contemporary artists like Nelly. Each performance added to the venue’s storied legacy, creating a tapestry of musical history that reflected the changing tastes and trends of the times.

Despite its success, the amphitheater faced challenges, including ownership changes and periods of inactivity. However, it always managed to rise again, like the timeless music it celebrated. In 2021, the amphitheater underwent a remarkable transformation under the ownership of Johnny Stauffer. Despite previous vandalism, Stauffer’s vision led to extensive renovations, the amphitheater emerged anew, ready to reclaim its status as Missouri’s premier outdoor concert venue. All while preserving the charm and history that made it famous.

Today's Black Oak Amp

Today, Black Oak Amphitheater stands as a testament to the enduring power of live music. The history is not just about the past; it’s about the present and the future. Black Oak Amphitheater looks forward to hosting many more concerts and events, it remains a cherished landmark, echoing with the sounds of history and the promise of more memories to come.

Black Oak Amphitheater is more that just a venue; it’s a living piece of musical heritage. With an upgraded and impressive seating capacity of 9,000, the amphitheater is not only a symbol of Missouri’s cultural landscape but also a beacon for music and entertainment lovers everywhere. The stage has hosted an array of artists from country music superstars to legendary rockers, each leaving their indelible mark on the amphitheater’s history.

In a bold move, Stauffer introduced comedy acts alongside its musical line up, creating a unique blend of entertainment. The hilarious Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, the master of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and the good ol’ Southern charm of Jeff Foxworthy graced the Black Oak Amphitheater stage for the first time. He recognized the significance of infusing comedy into the venue’s entertainment lineup. His vision extended beyond music, aiming to create a diverse and vibrant experience for the audience.

Black Oak Amphitheater is also a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and is just minutes away from world-class golfing, camping, fishing, boating, shopping, and more. It hosts a variety of live music and events near Branson, and features a pre-show party in the courtyard with live local and upcoming artists, drinks, and games. VIP ticket options are also available, which include exclusive VIP parking, top-tier seating in front of the stage, a free buffet, private bar, and private restrooms. With its excellent acoustics and stunning natural surroundings, Black Oak Amphitheater provides unforgettable experiences for fans of all genres.


Black Oak Amp’s 2024 concert series kicks off Wednesday April 24 with Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry.


Sat. July 13 - Brett Young with Special Guest

Sat. August 3 - Aaron Lewis: The American Patriot Tour

Sat. August 10 – Flo Rida with special guests DJ Skribble and NicDanger

Fri. August 16 – Josh Turner with a special guest TBA

Sat. August 31 – Hairball with Paralandra

Thur. September 12 - An Evening With:  Casting Crowns

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