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Grow Your Business

Growth is good for business, but businesses don’t grow by themselves. If a company is looking to achieve organic growth, it will need to put in place systems to drive the growth.

Resources to Grow Your Business

Talk With The Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce is a tremendous resource for business growth.  The Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce serves Stone County Missouri and the Table Rock Lake area.  Share your goals and they will put you in touch with resources, both offered by the Chamber and from credible outside sources.  The staff of the Chamber offer a wide variety of experience and are more than willing to share their knowledge with members.

Resource Link:

Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce

Add or Find a New Location

Once you’re ready to expand, confirm that your business is financially prepared. If you're building or remodeling a location be sure to check into permit requirements.

Resource Links:

Building & Permit Info


Apply for More Funding

If your business is up and running but needs more capital, you can rely on familiar options. However, funding an existing business still requires slightly different preparation.

Resource Links:

Small Business Administration

Local Financial Institutions 

Meet With Experts

With growth and success come new challenges. The Small Business Development Center understands the unique needs of growing businesses and is available to provide assistance and help you grow your business. Their offices provide no cost 1:1 consultations and a variety of other services to address your company’s specific needs.

Resource Links:

Small Business Development Center

Find More Customers

Business growth begins with increasing your customers.  Often, calling upon a marketing expert can take your business to new levels.  An outside expert will look at your business through new eyes, providing a different perspective.  The Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce can assist you in identifying your goals and make referrals to help you reach them.

Resource Links:

Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce

Area Marketing Experts

Hire More Employees

Business growth often requires hiring more employees.  There are various programs through the State of Missouri available that may be a good fit for you to find new workers.  From internship opportunities to job postings here are resources to get your hiring kick-started.

Resource Link:

Missouri Jobs Center

Employee Recruitment Assistance

Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce Jobs Board

Resource Links

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